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Family Theme Dominates

While “In The Heights” ( delivers the music, dancing, and humor one would expect from a production which won four Tony Awards and a Grammy for Best Musical Show Album, the themes of real family values are what come through in a delightfully heartfelt way.  The corollary role of money in society and the impact it has on the path one takes in life also is adeptly exposed in the story set in a New York City barrio.

The show’s incredibly fast pace keeps the audience on its toes as evocative dialogue, intelligible rap, and fervent music are adroitly intertwined.  The stellar performances range widely with at least five cast members seemingly “stealing the show” from scene to scene.  It is an acting, dancing, and singing relay race with the performance baton being handed from one superb runner to an even better one time after time.

Only Stanford University alumni were likely to initially be disgruntled at the experience of one of the show’s stars when she dropped out due to poor grades and insufficient funds.  In real life, the University would have extended help on both fronts but that would have eliminated a key plot line.  But all was forgiven in the name of poetic license as the entire audience deservedly gave the cast a standing ovation.

“In The Heights” goes through May 9th and has matinée performances.  Tickets for the all-age show can be purchased at