Colorado Ballet’s magnificent production of “Swan Lake” at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House, offers everyone a great opportunity for both introspection and entertainment by adroitly raising issues we all face in life.  The diversity of the audience (i.e., age, race, couples, families, individuals, economic strata, et cetera) demonstrated the broad attraction of this classic production.

The remarkable synchronization of the “swans” filling the stage was equaled by the impressive orchestration and the absolutely amazing performance of Maria Mosina as “Odette” (the Swan Queen) and “Odile” (the evil swan).  The costuming and sets were exquisitely done — creating an atmosphere which instantaneously transformed the audience to a different era.

With a unique Fourth Act written for the Colorado Ballet, this beautiful version of “Swan Lake” is a “Must See” event.  Tickets still are available but the performances end Sunday, October 23rd, so get them now at


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