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Simpson-Bowles Washington, DC Event Press Release

Contact:  Jana Martin

“What Should Citizens Believe and What Should America Do?”
Public Invited to Submit Questions and Attend

Former U.S. Senator Alan Simpson and former White House Chief of Staff Erskine Bowles, the Co-Chairs of the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform (also known as the “Simpson-Bowles Commission”) will headline “The Great Economics Debate” on Friday, September 28th, in Jack Morton Auditorium at George Washington University (  More details and the schedule are available at

The event also will feature former U.S. Senator Timothy Wirth, President of the United Nations Foundation, and Dr. Alice Rivlin, former Vice Chair of the Federal Reserve Bank and the nation’s first Director of the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office as well as the former Director of the Office of Management and Budget and a member of the Simpson-Bowles Commission.

Unlike other initiatives related to the Federal Budget and the National Debt, “The Great Economics Debate” will be focused on answering questions asked by voters across the country who are constantly hearing conflicting opinions on what would be the best course of action for the country.  Discussion of actual resolutions of those conflicts will be the highlight of the program, which will be recorded for broadcast.

Senator Simpson explained, “This special media event gives Americans the clear opportunity to examine all the facts for themselves.  Our future depends on moving away from biased and distorted information and towards this nonpartisan, fact-based model created so carefully by Aaron Harber.  I earnestly hope many folks will take advantage of this program and either attend or view it.  It’s a powerful force in helping us to build a strong economic future together.”

The public is invited to submit questions in advance of the event by emailing them to by the end of the day on Wednesday, September 26th.  Tickets to the event are free but, due to space limitations, all attendees must register in advance.  Registration is now available to the public online at  For a detailed invitation to the event, please go to

The event also will feature extensive Question & Answer sessions and an expert panel discussion focused on solutions to America’s financial challenges – including discussion of what policies would be most appropriate and most effective to aid the Economy. The event will seek to help shape the first Presidential Debate scheduled for the following week.

The television programming produced from the event will be provided to television networks, stations, and channels as well as newspapers and other publications across the country.  As a public service, COMCAST will make the programs available 24/7 to all 60 million of its viewers at no charge via its Video on Demand service.  SiriusXM radio also will make programs from the event available nationally to its listeners and has asked Harber, who has a Talk Radio background, to participate in live programming to take calls from across the country.

Aaron Harber, television host of “The Aaron Harber Show (TM),” will moderate the debate (  Harber, with degrees from Princeton University and Harvard University, will assume the role of an inquiring citizen.  Before moving to television, Harber hosted a national Talk Radio show and was selected as one of the top hosts in the country.

The Aaron Harber Show” is a weekly nonpartisan public affairs television program featuring nationally and internationally prominent guests.  It promotes civil and mutually respectful discourse while encouraging viewers to listen to ideas, opinions, concepts, and facts which may conflict with their own personal views. The show is broadcast in Denver (the nation’s 16th largest media market), in other Colorado television markets, and across the State by COMCAST, KCDO-TV Channel 3, ION (KPXC-TV), and also is available online at  The nonpartisan Democracy & Media Education Foundation is the primary sponsor of the event.

For more information or to schedule an interview with Harber, please contact Jana Martin at 720-335-1414 or